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New Branding - a Testimonial

Mistress Roxanne opened the door dressed in PVC trousers pvc mesh top looking like a supermodel we had pre-chat do’s and don't in session and safety words then the session started made undressed and slipped on my pink sissy silk dress and stockings as mistress Roxanne got things ready she walk up to me and twisted my nipples and said your ready slut and said yes Mistress. I was told to get over the bench where the mistress strapped me down lifted my head slipped in ball gag into my mouth walked around back lifted my dress told it was time to get branded with her initials on my bum cheek with a sharp needle after she finished branding and took couple of pics. Then mistress slipped between dildo my cheeks and told me to keep it there if it dropped before I got 5 hard Stokes of the cane. MISTRESS R walked to get something as she walked back it slipped onto the floor with a thud all here is Mistress R laughing and said O dear time to get the 5 Stokes as she whooshed the cane I the air and stared rain down the cane on my freshly branded arse after 5 Stoke extra hard to me do better next time.

The mistress attached some weights to my ball sack and used a strap on my already sore bum extra fun to make sure I know who was in charge there then felt the mistress gloved finger slip-up up my hole and rubbed lube in to take the strap on cock up there after good fucking from mistress I was unhooked from bench still with weights attached my sack I wobble to the ball and cock crusher were the weights were removed and instead to but my cock and balls into the clamp and then mistress clap nice tied and began to starp them with leather strap giggle to her self as she filmed.

Next was told to lie down on the medical bench where the mistress strap my legs to the bench and then cuffed my hand together and the bar behind my head they placed a hood over my head so could she going happen next here is foot steeps then felt some clamp to ball sack again as well around my shaft then felt pulsing then felt cold steel slip down my shaft sliding up and down and use in ball sack and cock my shocking mistress was giggling again then my dress pulled up the sharp pain in the nipple as needles slip-up into them 4 each side .then hood pull to my eye level mistress told me open my mouth to reserve nice fresh drink of golden amber juice straight from the source.

Then needles and clamps on my sack and cock were removed then told to get into the vac cube slipped my head through the hole then suck in like packed meat in a supermart then mistress walk around and mushed piss-soaked cream Victor sponge cake into my face and shoved mush into my mouth made eat her dessert. After the clean-up session was done.

see you in Dec for Christmas fun

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