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My new toilet slave

Fantastic session this morning with a new toilet boy , he has done hardsports before but not how I do it lol , On his arrival we had a pre-session chat before ordering him to get changed .
Once in my playroom I tie his cock and balls with my rope tight so I can see his veins poking through his skin before attacking my nipple clamps , I then blindfold him . Open your mouth and swallow my fucking spit , Mmm he loves it , I tell him he better enjoy his breakfast as much as he enjoys my spit !
Using two of the tortilla wraps he brought with him I place them on the floor and shit directly onto one of them then I add the other wrap and make a korma sandwich for him . Feeding him smalls pieces at a time to make sure he eats it all .
After his breakfast I order him up onto the my bench before strapping him down I slip one of my dildos straight up his arse , he loves me sliding my cock in and out of his now very stretched arse , strapping him from the bench I point into my other room and order it to sit down with the didlo up his arse before I attach the estim , safe to say it was a very happy ending . He will be back for more of my delicious delights

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