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My human Christmas Tree - a Testimonial

When Mistress Roxanne played house with coffee in hand greeted by the Queen of Wakefield sat and chatted and handed over Mistress Christmas card and present and a big chocolate and cookie cake also a bunch of chrismas decks as well Then Mistress insulted to get my sissy pink dress on with plastic waterproof panties and pair of silk pink hold up stockings then mistress grab my hands lock them with hancuffs behind my back slipp on black hood told stand there when mistress got ready. Then i felt the tinsel getting rap around my body then felt the front of the dress pulled down my nipples getting twisted and the shape jab of a needle ith 2 big red bbaubles going through my nipples then repeat over the side the front of the dress pulled up my panties pull-down and the 2 jabs of needles into my ball sack more red big baubles each side then got rap up in string led lights and got squirted 2 cans of silly string over my body see photos on mistress Roxanne X page then walk over to chaired my hand released and told hold on arms of the chair my back of dress lifted and tuck into the tinsel and rope lights mistress then warmed my bum up with slave strap about 20 times then insult to over spanking bench to resave more arse whipping and flogging. Then lights were removed and shackled to the medical bench to get more needles hen my hood was removed and given a cup of fresh wine from the Mistress R wine store Then Mistress chewed a banana and spat into my mouth and down more fresh wine Then Mistress Roxanne came back with a slice of chocolate cake with Mistress Roxanne's special filling of chocolate frosting 💩💩💩made eat all up and wah down with more win. Brilliant session with stunning mistress Roxanne

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