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My first visit to Mistress Roxanne - a Testimonial

This was my first visit to Mistress Roxanne and i was not disappointed. I’d seen the posts on ‘X’ (@DomRoxanne1)and perused the brilliant website ( and decided that i had to experience whether the promotion lived up to its promises. i can assure you it did … and how!

After a relaxing chat in the well-equipped dungeon about my preferences, i was told to strip and present myself to the Mistress. Doing so, Mistress approached on a pair of black stilettos, in a black latex bodice over black leggings and promptly attached clamps to my nipples before ordering me to Her bench, where i was strapped down and blindfolded, with the clamps pinching my nipples and forcing themselves into my flesh. Mistress started a long session of impact play with a thorough hand-spanking until my cheeks were red, before utilising a number of different implements, which felt to include a flogger, leather strap, whip, cat-o-nine-tails before finishing with 2 different weights of riding crop.

Following the impact session, we indulged in some anal play which eventually had Mistress fvcking me with a cock. Her time spent preparing me for the experience was well worth it as i thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Her – something that in the past has been uncomfortable. Removing the blindfold and unstrapping me, i could see that my backside bore testament to the efficacy of Mistress’ treatments – vivid stripes which appeared to please Her, but which had faded within a couple of hours and left no residual marks, as requested.

Ordering me to the Medical Bench, Mistress proceeded to use steel sounds and an e-stim device to bring me to a near screaming frenzy as i existed in a state somewhere between ecstasy and agony for what seemed like eternity. Responding to my feeble body’s plaintive cries, Mistress eventually relented and put me out of my miserable ecstasy. Removing the sound and e-stim, as the session concluded, it took me all my time to control the shakes and tremors running through my body.

Will i revisit this Mistress – absolutely. Between the warmth of Her welcome, the well-equipped nature of the dungeon (which looked to contain all sorts of toys that i would like Mistress to experiment on me with) and the professional, caring approach to my needs and attention to my wishes, i can heartily recommend Mistress Roxanne to any experienced BDSM afficionado or to any novice or complete beginner wishing to explore that facet of their personality.

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