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A good session for a beginner

As my sub entered the chambers I order him to his knees and kiss my feet , While your down there you can have some spit to moisten your mouth open wide ! After a few mouthfuls I order it to strip naked , once it was ready I attach my nipple clamps . then order it back on the floor laid on its back mouth wide open , get ready for my delicious champagne darling , do not spill a drop or there will be consequences.
After drinking all my warm champagne I order it back on its feet and point toward my spanking bench , “ you are now going to take a hard spanking you didn’t quite manage not to spill any . 20 of my hardest slaps for you then your going to turn over while I slide my cock deep inside of you , “ kind of me don’t you think ? Once I was happy with the results I order it to shower and change . A good session had for a beginner .

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