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A good caning - a testimonial

Testimonial from a good caning from mistress Roxanne arrived at mistress,s domain midday she text me come in I’m ready for you so we discussed the session she was wearing a nice outfit looking beautiful she said I’m going to give you a good thrashing with my cane on my bench slave so she warmed my buttocks up with a paddle slowly but hard then came the cane hard strokes in batches of 10 counting every hard crack of the cane leaving nice thick welts after 100 strokes I had to submit to her cane I really enjoyed it there she said we haven’t finished yet nipple torture next slave on with nipple clamps for a while and e/stim round my cock electric stimulation heavy then she removed the clamps and inserted two thick needles in each nipple which I love she twisted and pulled giving a hard erection until I couldn’t control it anymore then it was all over what a brilliant session mistress next time I’m going to ask her for a full makeover and be her sissy slut I will do anything for my mistress roxanne .

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