A Fantastic Session - a testimonial

A Fantastic Session - a testimonial

Mistress opened the door and let me in. Straight away I was turned on and excited by her tight leather dress and her voluptuous and beautiful body.

She told me to kneel at her feet and explain what I wanted. She was friendly and kind but firm.

When we had talked for a while, she ordered me into the next room and told me to get ready. I took off my clothes and walked back to her, I was naked and feeling vulnerable.

She tied my hands behind my back and ordered me over to her whipping bench, where she firstly spanked with her hand, then moved on to her various whips and canes. I squirmed and moaned, and she mercilessly, as I had asked her to do, spanked and whipped me until my buttocks were red and striped.

I was then told to kneel in the center of the room, where mistress placed a gas mask over my head and forced me to breathe in her smoke , she placed nipple clamps on my nipples, and when she finished torturing me with her smoke, she removed the gas mask and told me to wait while she collected a specimen of her caviar, which she placed into my mouth. then taped my mouth shut. She orders me to chew and swallow then, removing the tape, she ordered me to the floor where she straddled me and allowed me to drink her precious nectar.

I was allowed to touch myself, as mistress, laughed and mocked me. Just as I had asked her do to do and just as I had wanted.

A fantastic session. I will definitely be back for more..

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